Effective Brake System Repair & Replacement in Roanoke, VA

MotorWorx: Quality Brakes at an Affordable Price

Your brakes are the most important safety feature of your vehicle. If your brakes are unreliable, worn out, or damaged, the consequences could be devastating. MotorWorx of Roanoke, Virginia provides complete brake system repair and replacement service to help secure your safety and that of your passengers.

It is important that competent professional automotive service technicians complete all brake work. The brake service technicians of MotorWorx are fully trained, highly skilled, and certified to perform brake system repairs and replacements of all types. At MotorWorx, you get exceptional quality at an affordable price. In addition, Phil Wolfe manages our brake technicians, our ASE certified master auto technician.

Popular Brake System Services at MotorWorx

Some of our most popular brake system services include:

  • Brake Pad & Rotor Replacements
  • Anti-lock Brake
  • System (ABS) Repairs
  • Brake Line Repairs
  • Caliper & Piston Work

Quality Service by the Certified Brake Technicians of MotorWorx

Our service area includes the local Roanoke Valley region. We also accept customers who travel up to 100 miles to experience the fine quality service that is only available at MotorWorx. We do the job right the first time, every time. When so much depends on the security of your brakes operating as expected, trust the certified brake technicians of MotorWorx.

We provide a wide range of brake system repairs for both domestic and foreign automobiles. If your brakes squeal or make strange noises when you apply them, feel “spongy” or less responsive to the touch, or if you notice unusual vibrations while braking, please contact the professionals at MotorWorx for an evaluation and brake system repair or replacement right away. Call MotorWorx at: (540) 366-9099.