Computer Diagnostics & Scanning at MotorWorx of Roanoke, VA

Get to the Root of the Matter Fast With Computer Diagnostics

MotorWorx of Roanoke, Virginia offers state-of-the-art modern computer diagnostics and scanning for all modern makes and models of vehicles equipped with this feature. Our technicians will rapidly determine the precise cause of any issues that are reported to your vehicle’s on-board microprocessor. This process helps eliminate guesswork and wasted procedures and costs to rule out potential issues to get to the root of the matter faster. Not all issues are reported to your vehicle’s computer. However, for those that are reported, computer-aided diagnostics and scanning can save you significantly on your auto repair bill.

Access Diagnostic Trouble Codes From the ECS

Most modern automobiles now contain an electronic control system that monitors most or all of your vehicle’s major systems for any signs of functions that exceed acceptable parameters. If the powertrain control module detects an error that indicates an unexpected vehicular function, a diagnostic trouble code is generated and stored in your vehicle for later access by your mechanic.

You may have received a notification on your dashboard, heard an alert, or noticed an issue with your vehicle’s performance indicating that a problem may exist. If so, bring your vehicle in to MotorWorx and our technicians will link into your on-board computer and read the code that was generated.

Get Quick Answers to Electrical & Mechanical Issues

While diagnostic trouble codes typically do not indicate exactly what the problem is, they do point to the location where an anomaly was detected. Our trained technicians will examine the area to determine whether a part requires service or replacement or if there is a faulty electrical issue. Rarely, codes may be generated by mistake. Our trained professionals apply their extensive mechanical experience and skills to the matter to determine what the problem is.

Take advantage of our computerized diagnostics and scanning service in combination with our highly trained and experienced service technicians to get fast, accurate resolution of your vehicle’s issue. Contact MotorWorx of Roanoke to schedule your diagnostic computerized code scan. Call us at: (540) 366-9099 for prompt service.