Auto Electrical Work & Troubleshooting in Roanoke, VA

Have a Hybrid? We Do Responsive Electric Vehicle Repairs

Hybrid and electric vehicles are the future of motoring. However, it can be difficult to locate a mechanic with the proper skills to safely perform routine maintenance, diagnose, and repair your powerful hybrid vehicle as it ages. It takes a very specialized skill set to work with the extremely high voltage (600+ volts) found under the hood of today’s hybrid and electric cars. MotorWorx of Roanoke is proud to service hybrid vehicles of all types. Our services include repairs and replacements for:

  • AC Cables
  • Large Electric DC Batteries
  • Motor Controllers
  • Traction Motors

Most hybrid vehicles are capable of maintaining themselves in constant “ready” mode even when apparently shut off. This means that the motor, fan, or other components could come on unexpectedly while you are working under the hood. Our suggestion is to leave your hybrid or electric vehicle in the competent hands of the MotorWorx technicians. We’ll get your hybrid running smoothly in no time and you can avoid the risk of electrocution or losing a limb.

Complete Electrical Work & Wire Tracing in Roanoke, VA

MotorWorx technicians are trained to use advanced, highly sensitive wire tracing techniques to locate voltage drops of all levels throughout your electrical system. Today’s electrical components utilize ultra-low power components, such as LEDs. Voltage drops of these systems require precise, powerful tools and a significant degree of patience, as there are several miles of wires located in your vehicle. We will locate the source of your power drop and correct it to help keep you safe and your vehicle operational.

Do You Know the Signs of Battery Wear? Call MotorWorx

MotorWorx performs rapid battery testing, charging and installation for our customers throughout the Roanoke Valley region. If you are experiencing any of the following signs that may indicate a potential problem with your vehicle’s battery, stop in to MotorWorx right away:

  • Engine is Slow to Crank
  • Check Engine Light Comes On
  • Low Battery Fluid Level
  • Swollen, Bloated Battery Case
  • Turnover When Starting
  • Corroded Battery Terminals
  • Rotten Egg (Sulfur) Smell
  • Old Age

Most batteries have a life expectancy of two to three years. However, extreme heat and cold can significantly diminish battery life. Short, frequent trips of less than half an hour drain your battery and don’t give it enough time to fully recharge. Don’t get stranded. Recharge or replace a dying battery as soon as possible.

Effective Airbag Systems Need MotorWorx Quality Inspection

Your airbag system is extremely complex and its successful activation depends on it being electrically activated within mere milliseconds following a collision. If your airbag indicator light has appeared or if you require airbag replacement or service, do not delay to contact MotorWorx immediately for service. Air bags have saved the lives of countless individuals since they were first introduced in the 1970s. However, no airbag can save you from serious injury or death if it is not functioning properly.

Short Circuits Can Shorten Your Driving Fun

Electrical short circuits can sometimes mimic the signs of a dying battery. An open (broken) or short (wrongly completed) circuit can result in the failure of specific electrically controlled components or the entire electrical system. An open circuit typically causes failure of a system because the circuit is not completed at all. However, in the case of a short circuit, you may experience blown fuses or overheated wiring and electrical components, which may catch on fire, melt, or suffer other catastrophic damages. You may also have an improperly grounded electrical issue. If you smell something burning in your vehicle or have noticed that some or all of your electrical components have ceased working, contact MotorWorx.

Wiring & Battery Work is A Specialty

Come to MotorWorx when you need any of the following wiring or battery-related checks and services. We install and replace a variety of important features:

  • Wiring Harnesses
  • Components
  • Stereo Upgrades
  • Standard Wires
  • Wire Connectors
  • Terminals
  • Rare Electrical Components

Battery drain issues are another area where a faulty diode can deplete your electrical system and battery instead of charging it. Trust the seasoned professional automotive technicians of MotorWorx to maintain, troubleshoot, and repair your vehicle’s complete electrical system from the electronic control unit (ECU) to fuses and short circuits. Call MotorWorx at: (540) 366-9099 for an appointment.