Do You Drive in the Roanoke, Virginia Area?

MotorWorx Works in the Roanoke Valley

MotorWorx auto repair service and state inspection shop works in the Roanoke Valley, serving the 100-mile radius of Roanoke, Virginia, including:

  • Roanoke County
  • Salem
  • Vinton

We provide professional-grade automotive repairs, maintenance, and state inspection. Some of our most popular auto services include:

MotorWorx Covers a 100-Mile Radius of Roanoke

If you are experiencing poor performance from your vehicle or if it is not operating at all, contact MotorWorx. Our ASE certified master auto technician has over 29 years of experience maintaining, repairing, and saving vehicles that other mechanics routinely scrap. Let us help you save money and get the most mileage from your current vehicle, whether it is a classic car, a foreign or domestic conventional vehicle, or a modern electric hybrid.

MotorWorx: Locally Owned & Dedicated to Service

MotorWorx is the trusted locally-owned and operated auto repair shop that cares about quality and customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to providing reliable, efficient service for our customers throughout the entire Roanoke Valley region.

To schedule an appointment, contact MotorWorx directly at: (540) 366-9099.