Auto Repair Services by MotorWorx in Roanoke, VA


MotorWorx serves the Roanoke, Virginia region by providing quality auto services and repairs by ASE certified master technicians. We are proud to offer comprehensive automotive mechanical repairs and maintenance services, as well as certified Virginia state inspections.

Engine Repair

The Most Effective Automotive & Engine Repairs

MotorWorx provides comprehensive engine and automotive repairs including engine component repairs and replacements, as well as oil and fuel pumps, exhaust system work, alternators, drive trains, ignition system work, and starters. If it’s under the hood, we can help!

Oil Changes

Nothing Routine About MotorWorx Oil Changes

Regular professional oil changes help keep your engine well lubricated and operating at peak efficiency. Allow our professional service technicians to change out your dirty, contaminated oil and filter and replace them with fresh, clean oil and a new filter to protect your engine and restore the maximum horsepower and performance of your vehicle.


Be Sure You Can Stop with New Brakes

Take care of the most critical safety feature of your vehicle with a brake system inspection or service today. We offer complete brake system maintenance and repair service including brake pads, shoes, rotors, calipers, brake lines, and more.

Steering & Suspension

Travel Securely with Steering & Suspension Alignments

Don’t underestimate the importance of a properly aligned and maintained steering and suspension system. The ability of your vehicle to respond appropriately and immediately to steer out of the way of potential dangers is very important. It is also important to keep your vehicle’s weight evenly balanced to help avoid catastrophic tire failure and long-term wear on critical suspension components.

Heating & Cooling

Heat & Cool Your Vehicle with Climate System Maintenance

Your heating and air conditioning (AC) system is important to help keep you alert enough while driving to avoid road hazards, clear the windows of frost and condensation, and maintain a safe and comfortable environment for you and your passengers while traveling. MotorWorx provides prompt professional diagnosis and repair of climate control system issues.


Professional Tune-Ups Recommended by MotorWorx

Regular professional engine tune-up and maintenance service allows you to achieve the maximum performance and efficiency that your vehicle was designed to provide. MotorWorx recommends that drivers have their vehicle tuned up every two to three years to keep it running smoothly and reliably for the long haul.


Complete Tire Sales & Service in Roanoke, VA

MotorWorx sells, mounts, balances, and installs a wide variety of brands and styles of tires to meet your needs no matter the season or the performance level you require. Complete your new tire installation with a smooth, high quality wheel or decorative rim. We offer complete tire sales and service in Roanoke, VA.


Using Computer Diagnostics to Solve Problems

Computer diagnostic codes are used by our experienced mechanics at MotorWorx to scan and pinpoint the location of your vehicle’s problem to allow for the most rapid problem resolution possible. We also offer comprehensive electrical troubleshooting and repair work. If you are experiencing any wire or battery-related issues, bring your vehicle in for a thorough inspection. We can locate open, short, and improperly grounded wires, repair hybrid and electric cars, air bags, and much more.

Let the professionals of MotorWorx get your vehicle back in proper working order. Our friendly staff is available weekdays to schedule your appointment, or you may request an appointment with our convenient online form.