State Inspection by MotorWorx in Virginia

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Annual Vehicle Safety Inspection in Roanoke, VA

MotorWorx technicians provide Virginia state inspection service for our customers throughout our Roanoke Valley, Virginia service area. To keep you and your passengers safe, we are pleased to offer the comprehensive Virginia state annual safety inspection. All vehicles registered in the state of Virginia must pass the yearly safety inspection and display the inspection certification sticker to operate legally on roadways. We inspect the following systems to help ensure your safety and compliance with the laws of the state of Virginia.


Confirm the Accuracy of Your Brake System

Our certified technicians will remove your old sticker and perform a comprehensive inspection of the brake system of your vehicle including:

  • Brake Fluid Level
  • Brake Linings & Drums
  • Condition of Disc Pads & Rotors
  • Damaged or Missing Brake Components
  • Parking Brake Condition & Adjustment

If your vehicle requires any brake parts or repairs, the technicians at MotorWorx will assist you and get your vehicle road-ready.

Lights & Signals

Ensure Your Lights & Signals Work Properly

To ensure that you and other drivers of your vehicle are able to see well at night and signal to other vehicles with your lights and safety signals, MotorWorx inspects the following:

  • Clearance Lamps & Reflex Reflectors, As Applicable
  • Fog, Brake, & Driving Lamps
  • Headlight Condition
  • High Beams
  • Lenses, Wiring & Switches
  • Proper Light Colors
  • Proper Operation
  • Rear License Plate Illumination
  • Type, Aim, Proper Bulbs, & Light Illumination Output

MotorWorx maintains a large stock of available light and signal parts at our shop and can obtain most out-of-stock parts within a reasonable amount of time.

Vehicle Handling

Critical Inspection of Steering, Suspension, Tires, & Wheels

Our comprehensive inspection service of your steering and suspension system and wheel assembly includes examination of the following components from the proper viewing angle:

  • Broken or Damaged Spring Leaves, Coil Springs, & Shackles
  • Condition of Ball Joints, Wheel Bearings, Kingpins, Bushings, & Tie Rod Ends
  • Condition of Steering Arm & Drag Link
  • Cracked or Damaged Wheels
  • Engine Mounts
  • Excessive Play in Steering Wheel
  • Frame Condition
  • Improper Tire Mixing
  • Lift Blocks
  • Power Steering Fluid Leakage
  • Proper Tightness of Gear Box on Frame
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Tire Condition & Tread Depth
  • Wheel & Axle Alignment

MotorWorx performs critical inspection of steering and suspension, with repairs & component replacements done here at our shop. We also do tire and wheel repairs and replacements as necessary, for your convenience and to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Mandatory Items

Inspection of Mirrors, Horn, Glass, & Windshield Wipers

For your safety and compliance with Virginia state law, MotorWorx inspects the integrity of the following components as part of your annual state inspection:

  • Condition of Windshield Wipers & Defroster
  • Glass Obstructions Including Cracks, Scratches, Cloudiness & Distortion
  • Presence of Approved Safety Glass
  • Presence of Unauthorized Stickers
  • Proper Connection, Mounting, Operation, & Minimum 200′ Audibility of Horn
  • Proper Operation of Left Front Door Glass
  • Security of Mirror Mount, Surface Reflectivity, and Minimum 200′ Rear Visibility
Hidden Items

Inspecting What You Cannot See: Exhaust System & Under Hood Components

According to the Virginia state inspection mandate, MotorWorx examines the following under hood and exhaust system components for proper condition and operation:

  • Catalytic Converter & Fuel Tank Filler Pipe
  • Emission & Air Pollution Control System Integrity
  • Exhaust Line Including Manifold, Pipes, Gaskets, Mufflers, and Connections
  • Gas Containment from Engine Entry Point to Discharge Point
  • Hood Latch
  • Power Steering Belt Condition
  • Proper Brake & Power Steering Fluid Levels
Safety Items

Readiness of Air Bags, Doors, Locks, & More

We perform a complete inspection to ensure that the following components are properly anchored, installed, located, and in good condition:

  • Air Bags & Readiness Light
  • Door Latching System
  • Driver’s Seat
  • Right & Left Side Front Doors Operational From Inside & Outside
  • Seat Belts
Potential Leaks

Have a Leak? Save Fuel and Protect Against Hazards

As part of your comprehensive VA state inspection, we will inspect the condition of your fuel system and floor pan as follows:

  • Check for Fuels Leaks
  • Holes or Other Hazards in Floor Pan
  • Presence of Fuel Tank Fill Cap
  • Secure Attachment of Fuel System Components

If any defects are present, you will have 15 days to have MotorWorx (or another auto shop of your choice) correct the safety issues. Your sticker will be issued immediately if all components pass inspection or after successful re-inspection.

Contact the professionals at MotorWorx to schedule your Virginia state automotive inspection by calling: (540) 366-9099. Your safety is our number one priority.