MotorWorx Steering & Suspension Care for a Smooth, Safe Ride

Avoid Problems Due to Wear with Proper Alignment & Maintenance

Your steering and suspension system must be properly maintained, cared for, and aligned to achieve the smooth, comfortable, and safe ride that you and your passengers deserve. Aside from the luxurious feel of a well-controlled machine, proper alignment and maintenance of your steering and suspension system prevents degradation and wear to critical components of your vehicle and protects your tires from uneven wear and destruction. Count on MotorWorx for proper professional maintenance and repair of your steering and suspension system.

Distribute Vehicle Weight Evenly to Prevent Wear & Tear

Your vehicle is a formidable machine that may weigh a ton or more. Therefore, the suspension system must be in proper working order to best distribute the weight of the vehicle evenly. Uneven weight distribution can cause catastrophic tire failure, excessive wear and tear, unstable steering, and potential loss of control of the vehicle.

If You Suspect Vehicle Symptoms, Give MotorWorx a Call!

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, contact MotorWorx of Roanoke immediately:

  • Car Pulling or Drifting to the Side While Driving
  • Difficulty Steering or Controlling the Direction of Travel
  • Continued “Bouncing” After Going Over a Bump
  • Vibration, Wiggle, or Straying of Tires While Driving
  • “Sliding” Steering

Steering and Alignment issues can cause problems with your tires (and vice versa). Our trained professional technicians will determine if the problems that you are experiencing are coming from unbalanced or worn tires or another condition such as an issue with your power steering fluid or belts, alignment, struts, or another less common condition.

Allow our ASE certified automotive technician to examine your vehicle and determine exactly why you are experiencing difficulty with your steering or suspension system. Call MotorWorx for an appointment at: (540) 366-9099.