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Quality Tires: Goodyear, Michelin, Pirelli, & Goodrich – In Stock

Choose MotorWorx of Roanoke, Virginia for all of your tire needs. We carry a large selection of tires, aluminum and steel wheels, and attractive rims to improve the functionality and appearance of your vehicle. We are committed to providing quality products at competitive prices and feel confident that you will find the perfect tires for your needs at MotorWorx.

Select the Right Tire for Your Needs in Roanoke, VA

Our professional technicians will help you select the right tire for your needs when you visit MotorWorx in Roanoke, Virginia. You may have a general idea of what type of tires will meet the demands that you intend to place on them. It is important to select the right type of tire.

All Season: provide acceptable year-round traction for a variety of conditions including, wet, dry, and icy conditions.

Winter: offer enhanced performance in snowy and icy road conditions.

Performance: Better traction and comfort at higher speeds such as highway driving.

High Performance: Supreme handling, performance, and dry road grip at high speeds.

Light Truck: Offer support for heavy loads and off-road handling and comfort.

Touring: A smooth and comfortable ride

In addition, we can obtain a variety of specialty tires for your unique on and off-road tire needs.

It’s a Big World; Let MotorWorx Keep You Rolling Along

It’s a big world out there, with many roads and road hazards that can wear down and damage your vehicle’s tires. Choose MotorWorx of Roanoke, Virginia for all your vehicle services, especially tires. Our MotorWorx professionals keep you rolling along.

The friendly staff members of MotorWorx are available to answer you questions, help you order new tires, or schedule your tire installation. Call MotorWorx at: (540) 366-9099.